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9:08 AMLa_ska

I admire women who perfect their bodies. I think working out is important  for many reasons. One of them is exercises keep us out of stress and help our good mood. I know it works.

It is only hard to start and do it for the first few weeks, but once you have a habit and you see the results - nothing can stop you. It is amazing.

I love to exercise and I'm grateful for the women who inspire me. Two of the best are Zuzka and Lisa-Marie. They are my HEROS.

After all to work out or not - it's YOUR choice!

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1 коммент.

  1. даааа, красота - это труд!
    поэтому надо все время за собой следить, чтоб потом не приходилось "следить за собой" выше своих сил :D и мучатся от жуткой крепатуры! :D


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